Is cloud security clouding your judgement?

UK tech leaders’ top three worries today are security-related; and in many instances security concerns influence key decisions around cloud strategy. By creating a secure infrastructure, you can be confident that your modernisation plans are based on protected foundations.

Fujitsu will help you build those foundations to achieve a secure framework for future agility.

Is Cloud Security Clouding Your Judgement

Security delivers the confidence to move at pace

Of course, when making a move to cloud, tech leaders are deeply worried about security of their data – in fact, it’s keeping 84% of them awake at night; no one wants to be tomorrow’s newspaper headline. In many instances technical risk will be under scrutiny from governing bodies, therefore compliance is always top of mind.

UK tech leaders’ top three worries today are no surprise in this context; Securing data – 38%; Preventing or responding to cyber-attacks – 27%; Protection of reputation – 26%, very much a reflection of the times we are living in and the impact cloud has had on tech leaders’ changing worry list.

Security Delivers The Confidence To Move At Pace

Cyber security for complex IT infrastructures: leave nothing to chance when you modernise

Everyone needs to think about cyber security.  But if you have a complex digital infrastructure, this one’s for you.

95% of UK tech leaders understand that decisions in the post-pandemic recovery phase are critical.

91% believe tech drives real change.

Source: Fujitsu Cloud Confidence Index 2021

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Protected Foundations in action

Protected foundations are all about secure infrastructure environments and providing a solid base for future growth. Before moving on, complete confidence is needed in the safety of data, digital assets and critical services.
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